American Obsession

Olivia “Liv” Dunne has it all. Stunning good looks, great friends, and a successful career in the up-and-coming band “American Obsession”. To everyone around her, she is the complete package.

The 26-year-old meets handsome and charismatic photographer Jay Jones, who completely sets her world on fire. He is distinctly charming and handsome, and they are quickly smitten with each other.

She becomes consumed with stalker letters and ominous threats, and it’s clear someone is watching her. Liv and Jay begin to learn about each other’s troubled pasts, finding connections in each other they have never felt with anyone before, and Jay’s obsession over Liv heats up.

Unraveling the details of Liv’s stalker brings her directly in to dangers path.

Will Jay turn out to be the man of her dreams, or will his dark past trouble him to the point of crossing the line?

When obsession goes too far, there’s no telling what could happen.



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Still Obsessed

When the lines of love and obsession become blurred you must find your heart somewhere between the truth and lies.

Picking up right where American Obsession left off, Liv and Jay are working to move beyond their turbulent pasts and focus on the path that lies ahead of them.

As the bands success picks up and they record their first album with Anthem Records, Liv and the American Obsession boys go on the road on their first U.S. tour with two other bands, Blue Day, and My Metal Romance. It’s quickly evident that while on the road, a fascination over Liv takes no back seat for fellow tour mate Zack.

To complicate things more, Jay’s new assistant at the studio, Jillian, is turning out to be anything other than what Jay expected her to be. As Jillian and Jay spend more time together, a twisted web of lies drives a spike deep into Liv’s heart.

Will Liv end up walking away from the man she has come to love so much? Will their relationship get pushed over the edge or will it stand?

Told from the perspectives of Liv and Jay, you get a deeper look into the struggle to keep each other close as time, distance, and adversaries do their best to pull them apart.

In the end, the truth exposes who is Still Obsessed.